About Us

About Us

Outsourcing services in any field and anywhere!

Iris and Eliyahu Oskar founded Global when they found the need to provide an answer to businesses that have work overload. Getting to know the professional world today and in the future. We have many years of business experience, among other fields.

Global was established by business owners with many years of experience out of an understanding that the need for outsourcing is growing and required, a house that has “everything” for personal, comprehensive, professional, and even cost-effective accompaniment.

Affordable prices

At Global you will find the right way to manage your business/company without unnecessary expenses.

Adaptation to your business

We at Global Wide LDA believe in providing a service that is personal and tailored to the client's needs and help in their growth.

Uncompromising professionalism

Global has some of the leading professionals in the business: managing director, attorney, bureau managers, language translators, graphic designers, website builders and more.